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Items Needed During The Loan Process

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Items Needed During the Loan Process

  • W-2s, tax returns and employment history for the past two (2) years 
  • 30 days of your most recent pay stubs (self-employed applicants need two (2) years of tax returns, year-to-date profit and loss, and balance sheet)
  • Two (2) months of bank statements for all accounts held. Document the source of funds for large deposits and current 401K statement
  • Residence history for the last two (2) years (name(s), dates and addresses of landlords)
  • Divorce decree and marital settlement agreements (if applicable)
  • Name of homeowners’ insurance agent
  • Lease agreements and/or tax returns for two (2) years on all rental property (if applicable)
  • Driver’s License and Social Security Card
  • Refinances: copies of HUD I/CD (original closing statement) (if applicable)
  • Rural Property: Septic Tank Certification and Potable Water Test on well (if applicable)
  • VA Loans: DD214 and Certificate of Eligibility (if applicable)

These items are not required in order to obtain a Loan Estimate (LE).